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Preferred Terms (skos:prefLabel)

  • Égyptien de tradition (de)
  • Égyptien de tradition (en)
  • Égyptien de tradition (fr)
  • egy-x-egt (xml)

Alternative Terms (skos:altLabel)

  • Neo-Mittelägyptisch (de)
  • Spätmittelägyptisch (de)
  • Traditionsägyptisch (de)
  • Neo-Middle Egyptian (en)
  • Traditional Egyptian (en)

Broader Terms (skos:broader)

Exact match (skos:exactMatch)

  • TLAÉgyptien de tradition  

Scheme note (skos:ConceptScheme)

Publisher: Thot Project
Editor & contributors:
  • Daniel Werning (editor)
  • Stéphane Polis (editor)
  • Ingelore Hafemann (contributor)
  • Vincent Razanajao (contributor)

Revision suggestions

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request-14 dwerning More alternative labels, change of preferred label for DE
  • Egyptien de tradition [original: Égyptien de tradition] [skos:prefLabel (fr)]
  • Spätmittelägyptisch [original: Traditionsägyptisch] [skos:altLabel (de)]
  • [original: Égyptien de tradition ] [thot:admin ()]
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